AGAC Reinforces Quebec Presence at Art Toronto


AGAC Reinforces Quebec Presence at Art Toronto

By Leah Sandals

As Canadian Art’s editors have noted in their Art Toronto fair picks so far, Quebec galleries are responsible for some of the most impressive works and booths at the fair.

Even the Art Gallery of Ontario sought them out for most of their acquisitions at the fair, buying works from Galerie René Blouin, Parisian Laundry and Galerie Division (which originated in Montreal and has since opened a second space in Toronto).

Also on the scene at Art Toronto is AGAC, the Association des galleries d’art contemporain—a group of mostly Montreal galleries that is presenting a solo booth by Montreal artist Cynthia Girard (seen in the photo above) and distributing maps of its member galleries at the fair.

“AGAC’s participation to Art Toronto was made possible with market development grant from the Quebec government,” AGAC director Julie Lacroix explains. “As an [non-profit] association of galleries we have the mandate to develop the recognition and prosperity of the contemporary art market in Canada, so it makes sense to be at the place where like all the prominent art professionals and everybody from the Canadian art scene is.”

The organization also created a fair panel this year titled “Big in Toronto” that featured local curators and art consultants discussing Quebec artists in Toronto’s private and institutional collections. It also held a VIP brunch aimed at getting Quebec dealers connected with Toronto collectors and vice versa.

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