Amélie Jérôme

Amélie Jérôme // York University (Toronto)
Programme : Maîtrise en arts visuels – diplômée en 2014

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Originally from Quebec, Amélie Jérôme completed a Fine Art Diploma at Dawson College, Montreal before relocating in Halifax to pursue her BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art Design. Upon its completion, she was selected to participate in the year-long Lunenburg Community Studios Artist Residency. This spring, she received her MFA from York University, Toronto.

Texte uniquement disponible en anglais
I am interested in abstract painting’s ability to conjure a sense of reality that evokes rather than defines. Some of my images allude to a place or an event; such a teetering on the edge of what is recognizable and what eludes definition can be an invitation, an indeterminate space where the viewer’s own subjectivity is appealed rather than imposed. In this way, insisting on the uncanny, the unclear and the mysterious in my work reflects the abstract tradition of evading definite meaning, or meaning at all, in order to focus on the sensation of being rather than the explanation of living.

I often feel overwhelmed by time, remembering the past and imagining the future, pressuring the present while I attempt to engage fully in the moment. The gradual build-up of my paintings allow for notions of time and space to become more palpable events. Never quite at ease with only one stylistic or technical approach in my paintings, I instigate struggle and transformation in my process so that unexpected imagery can emerge. Such constant reinvention through layering, destroying and blending the materials is an assertion of time, a testament to its passage in all the abstracted memories and sensations it carries.

My work triggers ambiguous sensations through images that hint at the outer world but remain fragmented and strange. When we are confronted with a surprising event, our sense of time quickens or slows down and our environment can suddenly become veiled in a surreal curtain of awareness. This is the level of engagement I seek from my work – a transfigured, intensified sensibility of the world.