Composer avec l’horizon

Exposition à / Exhition at :
Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montréal, QC, CA (04.09 — 05.10.2014)

The exhibition “Compose with the horizon” includes two interactive installations “Travellings” and “Sequences” and ten printed works. These works question our ambiguous relationship to speed and technology. The viewer is prompted to slow down or to play out of this race against time in which we all seem committed, as well as sensitive relationships that develop between our body and the landscape. The set offers a reflection on the experience of speed, on the idea that the faster you move, the more you take the risk of seeing without seeing. When the painted lines on the highway seem to stretch as our speed increases, what happens to the landscapes ? Will it down to a light and sound information flow ? Is that the depth of the landscape vanishes to become a surface or a painting machine ?
Collaboration à la programmation et au son / Collaboration to programming and sound : Sébastien Pitt
Avec le soutien de / With support from :
Conseil des arts du Canada / Canada Council for the Arts
SODEC Québec