Danielle Marlee Havimaki

Danielle Havimaki // Ottawa University
Program : BFA

Danielle Havimaki is a Toronto-born, Ottawa-based multidisciplinary artist, with a focus in photography, painting and sculptural installations. Since childhood, she has found a certain excitement in collage, bricolage, and assemblage – notoriously known for tackling a variety of interests, she would then attempt to incorporate them all together. As a recent graduate in the Fine Arts program at the University of Ottawa (2014) and recipient of the Suzanne Rivard-le Moyne award, she has discovered photography’s tendency to help nourish her left-brained critical mind, with painting bringing forth her love of colour, texture and form. It is through her sculptural pieces that she is able to combine these elements with ambitious installations and exuberant ideas. Presently, her works are being shown at Montreal’s Art Mûr until the end of August.

The Darlings Series is a compass of endearing oddities – one that entails of sculptural, photographic and painted works, generated to discuss the notion of value and how it can be altered through the re-appropriation of the object and the re-representation through which it is presented. By means of bricolage, assemblage and collage, these pieces highlight feelings of ‘cherishment’ for the humble materials ordinarily overlooked or disposed of – pumpkin-gourds have been adorned with sparkling jewels, beer bottles have been re-constructed into wonky and amusing figurines, and other such materials have been altered as a way to ‘regain’ authentication. The result is a community of endearing ‘little ones’, raised onto teetering platforms and re-represented through the photograph and paint. Darlings is a celebration of the overlooked and a gala of the whimsical.