Lisa Schroeder

Lisa Schroeder // University of Manitoba
Programme : BFA – complété en 2014

Uniquement disponible en anglais
Lisa is a visual artist currently working in Southern Manitoba. Using many different methods, she creates delicate and thoughtful work. In 2010 Lisa enrolled in the School of Art at the University of Manitoba. During the summer or 2012, she won the Undergraduate Research Award and was able to work as Elizabeth Roy’s artist assistant. Under Roy’s instruction Lisa learnt how to needle felt and aided in the construction of the project “Smashing Dishes”. In 2013, Lisa spent the summer working to set up the paper making facilities at the School of Art. In the fall, Lisa stayed on as the paper making monitor, working with students and staff in the art of paper making. Having now graduated from the University of Manitoba with her BFA (hons.) in the spring of 2014, Lisa is endeavoring to begin her own artistic practice making rugs, paper and ceramic objects

Uniquement disponible en anglais
I am an artist interested in concepts of domesticity and tradition. I execute my work in a variety of methods including sculpture, drawing, printmaking and paper making. Recently I have introduced traditional methods of craft, such as rug making and embroidery, into my creative process. The artwork that I am entering into the competition, titled13 and Unconscious, is a self portrait. At age thirteen I was faced with the realities of illness, and I employed a disciplined denial of thought to protect myself from any painful feelings. This work depicts denial as a form of dangerous protection and suggests that by succumbing to the protection of numbness, a person’s feelings can be overtaken. The process in the making of this work is laborious and time consuming. The rug element is hand braided, then pieced and hand sewn together. It is a repetitive, contemplative process reflecting the attitude of someone in denial. The rug represents denial as being a dangerous construct that is inviting and engulfing. The figurative element is an anthropomorphic response to a refusal of reality.