2.  2014

Marc Knowles

Marc Knowles // NSCAD (Halifax)
Program : Masters in Fine Arts – in progress

Marc Knowles (b. Ottawa, 1982) is a Montreal based painter. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in 2008 and is currently starting a Masters in Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax.

In his latest series, Marc Knowles continues to investigate the physical properties – and possibilities – of paint by pouring and mixing large quantities of acrylic and ink in an intuitive yet strategic manner. The fluid colours intermingle and coagulate into semi-abstract forms referencing natural structures, seventies science-fiction imagery, and psychedelia. He merges these sources to create spaces that function as sensorial and emotional platforms.

His recent paintings focus on starry and geological patterns to present a moody celestial dimension. Through its lyrical qualities and suggestions of escapism, the work reflects themes of contemporary romanticism, acting as habitat for introspection, affective intensity, and passion. Knowles documents fragments of the natural world in an attempt to explore the shifting landscape of the inner self while presenting a personal vision of synthetic beauty.

In addition, as a new side project, the artist sculpts childlike and monstrous characters from the excess of liquid media and tape used in his painting process. The bodies of the figurines reference the simplicity of Neolithic sculptures, while their outfits are inspired by ancient pagan costumes and eccentric fashions of the last decades. Knowles’ fleshy moldable beings breathe a naïve and humorous undertone into his body of work. His residual sculptures seek to underline the dark comedy of human existence by embodying discomfort, rebellion, and fragility.