Nicole Levaque

Nicole Levaque// Université Concordia
Program : Baccalauréat en en arts visuels – completed in 2014

From Dundas Ontario, Nicole is a recent graduate of Concordia’s Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting and Drawing. Currently based in Montreal she will be leaving to pursue international artist residencies in Mexico, Iceland and Columbia in the coming year.

My sculptural works are based on my interest in the tension between surface, form and juxtaposed material hierarchies. The plasticity of object meaning and making, are highlighted through the use of contradictory materials and processes: works cast in cement mimic Styrofoam; mosaics are appropriated using plywood, plaster and resins. I assemble sculptural tableaus based upon principals of painting and drawing. Inspired by the shared materiality of urban environments, residential renovations and constructivist history, I am interested in layering high and low-brow taste and aesthetics. Each abstracted form is made intuitively, while using environmental and historical art references as starting points. Using bronze casts to mimic packing supplies and plastics adds to this contradiction of materiality when paired and supported by the real thing. The materials are worked to challenge the viewers perception, while keeping formal aesthetic abstraction at the forefront.