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Out of Sight – Regroupement d’artistes de la relève

Out of Sight // Université du Québec à Montréal
Program : Médias Interactifs – in progress

Out of Sight is a group of emerging artists that gravitates around digital art and interactive art. The 4 different artists who come from complementary fields such as video art, sound design, electronics and computer programming oriented on real time experience. . The group meets at the University of Quebec in Montreal and build their artistic approach since 2013. They although developed a unique visual performance for the last Gala des Jutras under the tutelage of Jason Rodi, cofounder of Moment Factory and Nomad. A first interactive installation ” Ozone ” developed at the end of 2014, will then get the attention of the Chromatic Festival’s jury which will decide to give Out of Sight a worthy place in its programming. Since then, the group has been working on several projects and experiments that expand their horizons notably in the areas of architectural mapping and virtual reality.

Their productions are tinted by the seeking of a new sensitivity arising of interactivity. They define themselves as creators of contexts and experiences, the public is the main part of their art. Through the multi modal and participatory experience, they offer the viewer the privilege of transgressing the limits of its traditional contemplative role by rather taking control of abstract forces, experiencing immersion and questioning his own senses. This idea implies experimentation about sound’s effect on visual perception and vice versa, but also implies questionning the power of coherent spaces, devices and interfaces on user’s experience.