Shary boyle

Shary Boyle steps onto world stage at Venice Biennale

Shary boyle

W ith her multimedia installation Music for Silence, Canada’s official entry to the Venice Biennale, Toronto artist Shary Boyle is trying to get people to slow down and experience silence.

Music for Silence opened Wednesday to the international press, in a crazy rush that saw 30,000 people pass through the Canada pavilion in a single day. The Venice Biennale, the world’s most significant art fair, showcases artists from 90 countries and there is a great deal to see.

Boyle is conscious of the international audience who will see her work and reached deep inside for something universal in her exhibit that everyone could understand without reading text.

“Every person knows the stars of the night sky — we all know the feeling of what it’s like to accrue experience, and the young person, the child in the centre of that, and being an old person and having endurance and strength to carry all of that experience and keep going — these are experiences that any person could have,” Boyle said in an interview with CBC News.

“I thought long and hard about subjects that do not require written explanation, no shared language. That’s how it involves music, because in a way I created something more like a score, like a film. We all know how to respond to music. People don’t need to be told what it means — they just respond with their intuition and their fear and their body – you trust yourself in that response.”

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