getting lost going home-4

Vanessa Di Gregorio

Vanessa Di Gregorio // Dawson College
Program : Professional Photography – completed in 2013

Vanessa Di Gregorio, born 1993, is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker. She is a 2013 graduate of Dawson College’s Professional Photography program. Of Italian heritage, Vanessa’s works are greatly influenced by her own cultural heritage. Working between narrative and documentary. her works explore the themes of cultural protection, the environment & its relationship with the individual, and nostalgia. Her most recent project, Getting Lost, Going Home, explores Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, in an attempt to immortalize the somewhat stagnant condition of her family’s homeland, and other countries concerned in the most recent global economic crisis. She is currently in the process of self publishing an extended version of the series, as well as beginning a project in Montreal, QC. (November 2014)

Vanessa works exclusively with film, a large portion done with medium format (120mm), and some with 35mm. The images are then scanned and edited digitally. Inspiration for new projects is found observing specific geographies & landscapes and the way individuals interact and work within them, and by considering her own cultural background within this diverse landscape found in Canada – specifically Montreal. (November 2014)